Friday, June 5, 2009

Dance Recital

Sam just had her dance recital and I am so proud on how well she did. My good friend Trisha teaches the dance class and Sam's class learned three dances. Trisha is brillant when it comes to coreography and music choice. Oh and also Trisha makes all the costumes herself. Way to much talent there. Anyways...Sam did an outstanding job. This is the second year I have helped with the costumes back stage. It is very caotic and rushed but I love it. I don't get to see the performance until I watch it on video when I get home. This year I took a camera back stage and took photos of the girls getting in costume. I HAD some great shots. Notice I said HAD....when importing the pictures to my computer something went wrong and all the pictures were erased. I actually cried about this. So instead I took my camera to the photo shoot the next weekend and got some good shots.

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