Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Disneyland 12-4-09

Every year my Dad takes the family to Disneyland. It was our first time seeing Disneyland decorated for Christmas and I loved it. The only problem was the people!!! I should say too many of them. When we first got there it was nice and empty. Then when it got dark it was crazy! A 45 minute wait for Its a Small World.....I have never waited that long for that ride. The kids loved seeing the snow fall.

My Dad and Martha waiting for us

It's a Small World

My brother Alan and my nephew Aidan

The Christmas tree on Main Street

The Castle all lit up for Christmas

Sam and Krystal enjoying the snow

This is our Christmas picture

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sam's 7th Birthday

My little baby turned 7!!! I am so sad about this. She is my last little baby and she is getting so big. I remember when I had her 6 weeks early and she was just a bitty little thing at 5 lbs. She had the fullest face that I just wanted to squeeze her cheeks. Her nickname now is Cheeky Girl or Cheeks. She is the entertainer of the family. She loves to dance and sing. I just love this little girl soooo much. She makes my day everyday.

Thanksgiving 2009

I love this time of year.....the decorations, the food and most of all getting together with the family. We celebrated Sam's Birthday on this day with my mother and brother. She finally got her American Girl Doll from us. My mom got her another doll so her American Girl would have a friend. We had her blow out the candles on the pumpkin pie.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Cooper sleeping with Sam

"Mr. Attitude"

This week at Kelly's Korner it is all about our pets. We have 2 dogs named Sadie and Cooper. Sadie is a 4 year old Black Lab and Cooper is a 5 year old fat Chihuahua. Cooper is super tempermental and is kinda like our house cat. He likes to sit on top of the couch curled up in a ball like a cat would do. He is not a yapper like some small dogs....he could really care less. Sadie on the other hand is not the brighest of Labs but she is a really good girl. She LOVES my husband. I always tell call her his girlfriend. She follows him all over the house and goes nuts when he gets home from work. I debate on getting another big dog for Sadie to play with because Cooper is not much of an active type dog and sometimes I feel Sadie needs a friend to run around with. I would love to her your opinions.

Sadie Girl

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

I love Halloween!!! This year was so much different without my nephew and with sick kids. This is the first year my nephew Aidan and Sam did not spend Halloween together or take pics together. Aidan spent Halloween with his mother and Alan was here with my family and mom. We still had a good time. Sam was the lone trick or treater and did not have the courage she usually does without her partner Aidan. She still did a great job in getting all that candy. Adam was feeling better but stayed inside and helped with the passing out of the candy. He was no longer sick and was not contagious so I thought it was safe. Krystal had the Swine Flu and missed her Halloween parties and was not able to wear her costume she worked so hard on. I wanted to post a pic of her laying around sick but she would kill me because she looked pretty bad...hahaha.

Trunk or Treating

This year I attended "Trunk or Treating" with my good friends Trisha and Kristine. Every year the ward puts together a night of food, family and trunk or treating at the church. I was invited last year but was not able to make it. I am so glad I went this year because it was so much fun. I loved seeing all the costumes of the kids and the adults. Adam was not able to attend because he had the Swine Flu so Sam and I tagged along with Trisha and her family. We had a great time and I hope I get invited again next year. What a safe and fun way for the kids to trick or treat. I loved how everyone decorated their cars....some scary and some with the harvest theme like Trisha. You will not see me in any of these pictures because I looked terrible next to these beauties....hahaha...they always look great and put together. It was a bad hair night for me and I will not hurt your eyes with that..haha!

Daycare Halloween

This years Halloween Daycare party was very small due to the flu bug going around. I had four kids this day and we did some crafts and took our annual Halloween pictures in their costumes. We had pumpkin shaped jello for snack and I made each child a goodie bag to take home. I hoping next year will be a little more exciting and everyone is well.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Decorations


Today on Kelly's Korner she is having "Show us your life" fall decorations. I love this time of year. Halloween is my favorite!!!!! Last year I spent some time making my decorations. My favorites are the black crows in the branch and the skulls on the cake plate. I made my husband find the perfect branch and strip it then paint it black. It's not the easiest thing to store so it sits on top of my fridge in the garage all year and the birds are stored away. I'm really bummed about our outside decorations. We get major wind this time of year so you decorate at your own risk in this part of town. I do have a huge blow up pumpkin display but I have to wait until Halloween day to set that up.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

L.A. County Fair 2009

We decided to go to the fair this year. We had not been since Sam was a year old. I'm not a big fan of the fair but Randy got free tickets so I gave in. The only thing I wanted to do was have a Pink's hotdog and see the racehorses. The kids had a good time on the rides but of course got upset when we ran out of tickets. The kids and I went on the ferris wheel and Adam got a little freaked out when it stopped and we were stuck at the top waiting for the people to get off on the bottom. I think my favorite part is sitting in the shade and people watching. I cannot believe the getups that people wear to the fair. By the end of the day we were all ready to go home.