Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

I love Halloween!!! This year was so much different without my nephew and with sick kids. This is the first year my nephew Aidan and Sam did not spend Halloween together or take pics together. Aidan spent Halloween with his mother and Alan was here with my family and mom. We still had a good time. Sam was the lone trick or treater and did not have the courage she usually does without her partner Aidan. She still did a great job in getting all that candy. Adam was feeling better but stayed inside and helped with the passing out of the candy. He was no longer sick and was not contagious so I thought it was safe. Krystal had the Swine Flu and missed her Halloween parties and was not able to wear her costume she worked so hard on. I wanted to post a pic of her laying around sick but she would kill me because she looked pretty bad...hahaha.

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