Friday, November 20, 2009


Cooper sleeping with Sam

"Mr. Attitude"

This week at Kelly's Korner it is all about our pets. We have 2 dogs named Sadie and Cooper. Sadie is a 4 year old Black Lab and Cooper is a 5 year old fat Chihuahua. Cooper is super tempermental and is kinda like our house cat. He likes to sit on top of the couch curled up in a ball like a cat would do. He is not a yapper like some small dogs....he could really care less. Sadie on the other hand is not the brighest of Labs but she is a really good girl. She LOVES my husband. I always tell call her his girlfriend. She follows him all over the house and goes nuts when he gets home from work. I debate on getting another big dog for Sadie to play with because Cooper is not much of an active type dog and sometimes I feel Sadie needs a friend to run around with. I would love to her your opinions.

Sadie Girl

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