Sunday, May 17, 2009


Sam started gymnastics a few weeks ago. The first session went great. The second session was way too crowded and very discouraging. The teacher decided to break the class up and that made a huge difference. There was only 10 girls instead of the 30 last week. She is doing good but we need to practice. She had a little accident on the balance beam but she was a trooper and got right back on (after she cried a little) and finished activity.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dad's Route 66 Party

So today was my Dad's 60th birthday. We decided to have a Route 66 birthday party for him because he is going to travel Route 66 from beginning to end. He is leaving in June and we decided to make all his gifts Route 66 related. We all wore Route shirts. My stepmom Martha decided to buy hers and I made ours. Thanks to my dear friend Kristine, she made the patterns for me to iron-on. I made route 66 brownies since Martha was bringing the cake. It just so happened that the cake had and accident on route to my house. It was still edible. We had my dad's favorite pizza and lots of snacks. It turned out to be a good party.