Friday, June 5, 2009

Sam Is Tiger Cub Of The Week

So I am a little late in posting this but Sam was Tiger Cub of the week at school. This means you have a special week of sharing things about yourself with the class. She also had special duties in her class. She was so excited and waited all year for this. She had to color a poster about herself and all her favorite things. Her favorite part about Tiger Cub of the week was taking home "Roary" the school mascot. She slept with it, dressed it up and watched Dancing with the Stars with it. I shouldn't call Roary "it" but I'm not sure if it is a boy or girl. In actuality I do know who is under the costume for our school mascot and I know it is a girl...but I think you assume it is a boy because it is a tiger. It's our secret!!!! Sam has no idea who is in the day she will find out....and what a shock she will have.

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