Friday, May 7, 2010

When my Dodger fan becomes a Yankee

My son is one of the biggest Dodger fans ever. This year in baseball he was drafted to the Yankees. I think he was shocked at first but then got over it really fast. They have a really good team and they got really cool jackets with their names on them.


  1. Hey Kim!
    Funny your son is a Dodgers fan... one of my husbands good friends is Reed Johnson who is #5 and plays outfield (last year he was with the Cubs). I am sure you saw my post on Hermosa Beach... later that day after we took pics we went to his house for dinner! We also have Russell Martin's Escalade in our shop right now doing a major makeover on it.... my husband drove that home from our trip while I made the drive by myself with the kiddos! We had a great time at the Dodgers game and will for sure go back once the baby comes... I cannot travel now! :(

  2. My son would die if was with you. He has been a hardcore Dodger fan since he was little. His kindergarten teacher called me in for a conference because she could not believe the stats and info he knew about sports. He has never watched cartoons only sportscenter. I feel sorry for his wife one day. His dream is to play major league is probably every little league players dream. He is really into basketball also. Lakers all the way. So what does your husband do? Sounds like he has a great job. My husband wants to start a whole new career once we move. I have been a stay at home mom now for 4 years but I have a job offer at the Nevada Cancer Center. That should be really hard....I love staying home.


  3. How cute about your son.... my son watches Sport Center too!!! He will still watch cartoons, but he knows ESPN 1 and 2 channels and flips back and forth! I feel bad for Cade's wife as well. Out here we own a auto customizing shop that does anything for cars from tint to body to DVD players, paint, wheels, you name it, we do it. :) My husband was a project manager for a home builder out here and got bored doing the same thing over and over and had a love of cars so he opened the shop with one of our friends as a business partner and luckily all is well. I wish your husband luck in his new career, it made mine sooo much happier, even if it meant a lot of hours in the beginning. That was rough because Cade was a baby but it is much better now. I love staying home too... I could see it being tough to go back to work. Sounds sad too being in a cancer center, my gram went through chemo and radiation last year and the effect are still horrible, I dont think she will recover because she is just feeling done. :(