Friday, May 7, 2010

Tina's Wedding.......Vegas!!!!!

My best friend since 4th grade got married on May 1, 2010. She got married at the Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada. It was our first time to Henderson. Randy and I really enjoyed it. He is now talking about moving there. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express because Tina's dad gets a discounted rate. We need to save money any way we can. The kids loved their suite. After the wedding (which ended about 4pm) we took the kids to the strip to see the real Vegas. They were fascinated with the lights. We took them to Circus Circus and it was totally disgusting. I think my husband was trying to live he childhood again. I don't think anyone had cleaned this place since my husband was there last. Maybe it was just me but it just seemed dirty to doesn't help that the people there were also dirty. At least the kids did not notice it. They were too busy playing games.

The kids had a really cool suite in our hotel room....we are not big Nascar fans but they loved this

This is Adam and Sam sitting with Ronald outside the McDonalds in Barstow

Tina and her new husband Ron

The girls!!!


  1. Hey again!
    Okay, so GVR is beautiful, what a great place to get married. We live about 10 minutes from it, just a bit more south in a area called Anthem. We love it! The home deals you can get out here right now are insane too... or if you are not ready to buy I know there are a ton of rentals. I would mainly recommend Anthem, Seven Hills, Sunridge Heights or Green Valley Ranch as great areas to move. They are all close to GVR where the wedding was... and all are zoned for excellent schools. My kids will be going to a new school opening this coming year which we are extremely excited about called Wallin. It will be a excellent school. I honestly like the public schools we have in the areas I told you about... outside of those I am not really sure. I think a lot of it too is the involvement on the parents part, I do a lot of volunteering for my kids schools so when I am active I feel good because I know the teachers and what is going on in the classrooms. It really is a nice place, I get sick of Vegas sometimes but there is a lot of activities to do both with the kids and without... plus lots of sports to have them join. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!! Your family is beautiful by the way! :)

  2. Melissa,

    Thank you so much for the info. That really helps alot. How long have you lived there? I have always lived in CA and moving is going to be hard (if we end up doing it). I feel that NV is close enough to visit when ever we want. My son is very involved in sports so I'm glad to hear about that. You were the first person I thought of when my husband suggested we move there. Isn't that funny when we have never just seems like you have a wonderful family so I figured it can't be to bad...haha. My friend Tina lives of the 215 and Stephanie st. How far are you from there?

    Thanks again,


  3. You looked beautiful! I used to love the Circus Circus as a kid. I haven't been there in about 12 years though. I can imagine it would look pretty awful if it hasn't been renovated by now! Glad you guys had fun. :)

  4. Thanks Shalay!!!! It was funny to see the kids faces light up when they saw all the buildings and lights.

  5. Hi Kim!

    Tina is probably 15 minutes from my house.... she lives right where my best friend's salon is so I am there every few weeks for a mani pedi or getting my hair done. :) That is funny that you thought of me first, dontcha just love blogs and all the people and info you happen to stumble across? I have lived in Vegas all my life, same with my hubby. We entertained the idea of moving to Dallas so we went and house hunted and were amazed at the deals out there but then ended up staying and opening our business so now we are here for good. :) I am sure the move wouldn't be too bad... So Cal is so close and such a easy drive as you well know, so you could go home a lot. My girlfriend out here is from some small town in CA, for some reason I suddenly cannot recall the name but she drives back a lot with her two boys to visit family! Good luck in whatever you decide... If you want to check out info on the schools the website is and the sports league we have been doing is He will probably play or try for Little League here soon but NYS is what we play for right now, they have a ton of indoor and outdoor sports. :)