Friday, July 23, 2010


This little guy is Jaden my daycare child. I have had him since he was 7 weeks old and he is now 2. Out of 6 daycare kids he is the only one left. I had to filter out my daycare due to stress that was caused by idiot parents who don't pay on time and show up late then proceed to sit on the couch and think you want to have a conversation with them when what you really want is for them to take there child home. I know that was a long sentence...I could have gone on and on...haha. Once I got rid of two parents another parent was laid off work....and I lost 2 more..a brother and sister. Now all I have is Jaden. He is just part of our family and we love him like our own. Actually, he looks more like me than my own


  1. aww look at that lil happy fella - i was going to say "he looks like you!" :)

  2. What a cutie!

    I used to work in daycare, so I know what you mean about the parents! My situation wasn't quite so difficult, though, as I was not working out of my home but at a large daycare center. So if I had to stay late, at least, I still got paid!

    You have known Jaden practically his whole life! Wow! Does he come to your home every day? I bet your other kids really dote on little Jaden!